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Discontinuity-Driven Investment Strategy

As a lead Series A investor, ACM deploys its investment strategy to identify and invest in companies that have value propositions driven by economics and product roadmaps that have the potential to define and dominate product categories. ACM explores compelling market opportunities that can be exploited by breakthrough innovation and are created by discontinuities in industry standards, regulations, disruptive technology and distribution channels. We invest in companies that have the following characteristics:

  • Take advantage of discontinuities in large and rapidly growing existing markets ≥$500 million in size

  • Solve real-world business problems

  • Supported by a compelling business model

  • Potential to dramatically change market dynamics

  • Positioned to attain first-mover advantage

  • Definable customer access points

  • Ability to achieve consistent long-term high gross margins of 65%+

  • Driven by high energy and high integrity leaders with strong functional skills

Disciplined Approach

Disciplined Markets-First, Discontinuity-Driven Investment Strategy

Selection: Companies with the potential to become market leaders with 65%+ gross margins.

Investments: Initial investments can range between $1 million and $5 million. We stand behind our companies throughout their lifecycle by reserving for multiple future financings.

Lead Investor: Actively involved via board seats and ownership positions often >25%. Serve as trusted partners to its entrepreneurial teams, not drivers of the business.

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