Coming To America

Born in Wolverhampton, UK, and raised in the small village of Hagley, I spent my formative years experiencing socialism (this was before Margaret Thatcher) and learning why capitalism is the stronger system. While a teenager, my family emigrated to Houston, TX in the middle of the 1970's oil boom, where the vastness of the landscape, as well as the opportunities available to a young person, were limitless. I quickly realized that even when you're not born into advantage, you could realize a dream by looking for opportunities and working hard.

The new reality was that you didn't have to be born into the right family or have gone to the right school or have a "proper" accent to achieve success. Since everything about this brave new world was different, why fear the unknown? I stepped forward to investigate new ideas, assimilate information and gain knowledge, all adding in some way to a holistic life experience. Since arriving in the U.S., I have worked back stage in theater, become a U.S. citizen, worked in large corporations, helped build a successful startup business, helped other entrepreneurs trying to build their own dreams, traveled extensively, and become an avid collector of Chinese snuff bottles, original art and sculpture, and antiques. More importantly, I learned that the right time to try some new challenge in life or in business is just when everything seems the most stable and comfortable.

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